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Postal History (stampless to modern), Postcards, and Ephemera

All types of covers and all periods, especially stampless, manuscript cancels (stampless and
stamped), patriotics, advertising, foreign destinations, fancy cancels, Doanes, machine cancels

All towns, especially scarcer towns and DPO’s

Towns of special interest: Montrose (county seat), Susquehanna, Susquehanna(h) Depo(t),
Great Bend, Great Bend Village, Willingborough, New Milford, Harford, Hop Bottom,
Gibson, Dundaff, Friendsville, Glenwood and Little Meadows

Postcards showing town views, post offices and other buildings, farming, manufacturing, commerce,
transportation, railroads, family life, etc.

Ephemera related to Susquehanna County history

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