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Kutztown, PA

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Kutztown, PA

Have you ever noticed in Kay & Smith’s, Pennsylvania Postal History that the listing for Kutztown is spelled Cootstown from 1805-1835 and Kutztown 1835-present? Both names are pronounced the same, if you are “a little Dutch.“

George (Coots) Kutz purchased 130 acres of land that became Kutztown on June 16, 1755, from Peter Wentz who owned much of what is now Maxatawny Township. Kutz first laid out his plans for the town in 1779. The first lots in the new town of Cootstown (later renamed Kutztown) were purchased in 1785 by Adam Dietrich and Henry Schweier. The town was located on the Easton Road, a main road in colonial Pennsylvania, and was a lodging place for many travelers as it was a one-day ride from both Reading and Allentown. Kutztown was incorporated as a borough on April 7, 1815.