Best Article 2021

  1. An Even Later Use of the Philadelphia 4-in-Circle Ship Letter Marking By Rick Leiby
  2. The Eagle and The Swan By Gus Spector
  3. C. G. Hirner from Allentown to Boeblingen, Germany By Rick Leiby
  4. A Whimsical All-Over All Over Cover By Gus Spector
  5. Mail Delivery Difficulties in the 1900’s By Daniel Telep
  6. Philadelphia to Singapore, a Reprise by Rick Leiby
  7. Lancaster to Philadelphia Same Distance, Different Rates – It’s All About the Sheets by Charles J. DiComo, PhD
  8. Philadelphia-Based United States Army Civil War Hospitals by Gus Spector | PaPHS #396
  9. 19th Century Bariatrics by Gus Spector
  10. Post Office Parade by Ron Yeager
  11. An Unusual Philadelphia Label by Labron Harris
  12. Lancaster to Rio de Janeiro 1852 James Buchanan to Jonathan M. Foltz by Rick Leiby
  13. Cook’s Tourist Service Advertising to a Philadelphia Architect by Neal Erkes
  14. Bellefonte Postal History Exhibit by Bill Schultz
  15. The Questions is, “From Where?” by Rick Leiby
  16. Memorial Hall: Grand Old Lady of Fairmount Park by Gus Spector
  17. Corner Cards of Lititz, Pennsylvania by Richard Colberg
  18. International Official Mail Letter by Rick Leiby